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Partial CVE-2016-5195 mitigations for the original exploit

With thanks to Vincent Brillault @CERN!

This implements the partial mitigation as described in
packaged up to depend on systemtap-runtime only.
This contains the CentOS6 builds (2.6.32-642+ series) that were done
and minimally tested at Nikhef. 
And, yes, they WILL taint your kernel, as I cannot sign them with the CentOS
key for obvious reasons ;-)

Original work
For CentOS 7:
For SLC6:
for the original sources and details, as well as for the SLC6/CC7 builds.

Included modules

Check if it works
The following should appear in the dmesg output (or your messages syslog):

cve_2016_5195: systemtap: 2.9/0.164, base: ffffffffa04b5000, memory: 95data/36text/80ctx/2058net/33alloc kb, probes: 4
CVE-2016-5195 mitigation loaded