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showtotp - display RFC 6238 time-based token passwords

Usage: ./showtotp [-s andOTPfile.json] search_pattern
       default JSON is /m/doc/otp_accounts_*.json
       (can also be set using the ANDOTPJSON environment variable

The utility uses the plain-text backup JSON format from andOTP to read
the secrets, and the labels + issuers associated with these. This makes
a perl-based alternative to having your totp device handy.

Since it requires a PLAIN-TEXT JSON file on input, you really should
* store such a file on a dedicated encrypted volume - e.g. using Veracrypt
* only have that volume mounted when you actually need it
* have it auto-dismount on inactivity

Of course there much better utilities that do TOTP, like KeePass2 (v2.51+).
If you use these already, import the secrets there (in a separate file).